Just a few short months ago, you may remember a post I wrote, introducing Influenster and sharing some wonderful new skincare products from L’Oreal I had received to review. If you’ve never heard of Influenster before, I’ll give you the quick rundown – the site is all about reviewing products that you love in a fun and social way, while earning quirky badges and building your social impact score. As a “reward” for engaging, they send out themed VoxBoxes of products for you to enjoy, and ultimately review. When I received my first box, I figured that would be it for a while. Boy was I wrong! I’ve since received my second box containing an awesome new hair care product I’m excited to share with you: L’Oreal’s Root Cover Up.

This conveniently sized spray can of awesomeness promises flawless roots in just 3 seconds, with its smudge-free, ammonia-free formula – and it totally delivered! Available in six shades, my Dark Brown spray helped to cover up areas on my scalp where the hair was thinner and lighter (I dye my hair darker that its natural colour) and tends to be noticeably different. It turned a problem area into something I no longer have to worry about! Application is as easy as using hair spray, and the colour stayed put all day. My only word of advice – be sure to cover up areas of skin that you think may be in the line of fire. I tested the colour on my hand first (see the results in the video below, and it stained my skin for about a day. Otherwise, I’m thrilled to add this product to my lineup of daily hair care products.  I’d love to know what kind of results you’ve had when using Root Cover Up, so if you’ve given it a try, let me know in the comments!





If you’d like to receive your very own VoxBox, use this link to head over to Influenster and start your very own account today!

*All Influenster products have been received free for testing.


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