“Ready for an adventure, gorgeous? Whether you’re hitting the road or enjoying a staycation, we want to hear all about it!”

This month’s “Destination Chic” Ipsy Glam Bag is all about having fun and choosing your own adventure. Below you will find all of this month’s products along with my reviews. Did you receive a glam bag this month? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite product was!


Peek Nom Nom Natural Plumping Balm in Miracle
I was skeptical at first, but this little container of lip balm packs a powerful tingle! Infused with chili pepper and ginger, my lips started warming up within minutes, and with that warmth came a nice, healthy glow – think of how your cheeks look when they’re flushed after working out. Did my lips plump up a-la Kylie Jenner? No. But this balm sure left them looking kissable.

Pacifica Shadow Trio in Skinny Dip/Crush/Lovely
Enriched with coconut, this shadow goes on with a shimmery, and velvety finish that lasts beautifully when paired with my favourite primer. This trio has become my go-to combo for work, as its neutral tones are perfect for a natural and professional look. Although I was hoping to get some brighter, summer colours in my Ipsy bag, it’s great to have a shadow handy that I can add to my morning routine and know that I will leave the house looking fabulous.

Bellapierre Gel Lip Liner in Nude
To be honest, I rarely use lip liner. And when I do, it’s always the drier, pencil style that pulls and tugs on my lips as I apply it. I was excited to  try a gel style liner and see if I preferred they way it felt over liners I’ve used in the past. The verdict: I did! I loved the way this liner glided effortlessly over my lips.

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara
I have received mascaras in my previous Ipsy bags, including Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara, and have always been underwhelmed. This one was no different. Because I already have long lashes, I often don’t notice a dramatic difference that many mascaras promise. But I will say that I always enjoy the high quality of Smashbox’s products and will definitely keep this mascara handy.

Epice Hydrating Face Mask
Rich in antioxidants and aloe, this mask left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated, just as the name suggests. I threw it on while I painted my toes, and enjoyed the soft scent of apples radiating from my face.This was the perfect pick-me-up for my skin during these record breaking warm spring days.

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