About MeIn short, I’m a writer, wanderer, and wannabe Parisian. Wonder Woman and Miss Piggy are my home girls. Tom Hanks is my obsession (if you love A League Of Their Own as much as I do, you’ll totally understand my blog handle).

Born in Toronto, I’ve spent most of my adult life studying and working in very creative industries; from fashion design, to event planning, and creative writing. When I’m not working or blogging, you can find me spending time with my fella and my pup (who will both pop up on this blog every once in a while), exploring the city, crafting, or binge watching whatever sappy 90’s sitcom I can get my hands on.


This space is where I come to share. Whether it be an outfit of the day, my latest DIY project, a favourite new find that I can’t keep to myself, or simply some random thoughts, you can find them here. Please feel free to comment and engage! I hope you enjoy your time wandering through my musings.