Despite the recent and unwelcome snow storms, the forecast is finally calling for sunny weather, putting me in full on Spring mode! Aside from planning my warm weather wardrobe, it’s time grab some gloves and a trowel and start thinking about prepping my little garden.

I will be the first to admit that my green thumb is closer to a shade of brown resembling dead grass. Most of the plants in my home are that of the plastic variety, as I’ve never had the best of luck keeping them alive. So I decided to seek the advice of experts and headed out to Kate’s Garden – a haven for gardening pros and newbies (see: me) alike, located just north of Toronto. The goal: Learn how to create a beautiful, potted garden and leave with a tasty new plant for my porch.

Walking in to Kate’s store is like walking into the Secret Garden and you’ll be instantly inspired to create something beautiful. Not only did I learn some great gardening tips (did you know you could eat tulips?!!), but I left with the most darling spearmint plant that I proudly potted myself. I’ve already made a refreshing mojito since bringing my new plant home (see the recipe below) and can’t wait to watch it grow.

Are you a gardening pro? Be sure to leave me your tips in the comments below!





The Perfect Mojito

  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 tsp fine sugar
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 2 oz white rum
  • club soda
  • ice

1. Muddle sugar and limes together in your glass / 2. Add ice cubes / 3. Pour rum over ice / 4. Throw in the lime slice that you squeezed earlier for the juice / 5. Add club soda / 6. ENJOY!



This weekend, a fabulous team known as the Young Women In Business will be launching their first eastern Canadian chapter in Toronto with their Shatter: Breaking The Glass Ceiling conference. Created after noticing a lack of support and networks for young professional women starting their careers, YWIB stepped in and now has 7 chapters across 3 Canadian provinces. Whether you’re a fellow blogger, entrepreneur, or just starting your career, here are 5 reasons to attend this awesome conference, as posted by Young Women In Business:

1. Meet professionals, from all genders, who are passionate about discussing the issues women face in the workforce; both in traditional business paths and in entrepreneurship.

2. Hear from influential and executive women who have learned first-hand what it means to be a women in business as they discuss their trials and successes and what it takes to make it as a women in their industry.

3. Help grow the Young Women in Business – Toronto Chapter network as we expand throughout the city. Give valuable feedback on the topics you want to learn more about, the skills you want to enhance and the people you want to connect with.

4. Find out what businesses, such as Tangerine, are doing to keep gender equality and inclusion at the forefront of their corporate discussions to bridge the gap between genders in the workplace.

5. Grow your network by connecting with women’s networks such as Fill The Gap, Women on the Move and the rest of the Young Women in Business team.

General admission tickets are $47.46, but you can get yours for $25.00 with the code YWIBROCK. Buy your tickets here.


If you take a glance at my record collection, you’ll notice I have a pretty eclectic roster of music: 70% classic rock, 20% classical, 9% indie, and 1% other (the “other” is comprised of Merry Christmas Sesame Street and my mother’s original copy of the Sound Of Music soundtrack). Most people are surprised by my musical choices, but they’re not so surprising once you know a little more about my musical history…

My dad was a radio DJ in college during the mid-seventies. I grew up listening to the likes of Supertramp, Chicago, Elton John,  and The Who, and would often dance around the living room to the tunes of Led Zeppelin, while my dad told me stories of the local bands he used to interview, like Max Webster (also in my record collection). After recognizing my love for music, my mom then enrolled me into piano lessons at the age of eight, and I made my way up through the Conservatory Of Music. Although I still have the odd dance around the living room and now only play piano occasionally, my love for classic rock and classical music has not changed. It has grown along with me, and now I make every effort to see the bands I was once too young to see.

So when I stumbled across a contest held by Turn The Record Over to see The Music Of Queen: A Rock & Symphonic Spectacular, I entered every e-ballot possible. One of my all-time favourite musical groups + the entire Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony? Yes, please!  The show was dancing-in-the-aisles fantastic, and the performers did every Queen song justice. There is still a perma smile on my face, and my voice is hoarse from singing along to every word. If you get a change to see this show in your town or city, GO! Drop all your plans, get yourself a seat, and be prepared for a fun evening that even Freddie Mercury would be proud of.