It’s no secret that I love fall, and this is largely due to the traditions that come along with it. With another wonderful Thanksgiving in the books, I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what other family traditions have happened this season.

Every fall, Italian families get together to make sugo (or sauce) for the coming year. It’s an all-day event that starts with chopping bushels of tomatoes, garlic, and onions, bright and early in the morning, followed by careful love and attention of the sauce as it simmers all day. Once the first batch is complete, we’re rewarded with the most delicious lunch of pasta, ricotta cheese, and bread (all homemade), and of course, our first taste of this year’s sugo. The weather always ends up being just a bit chilly, which is perfect for huddling around the warm vats of sauce. And we always leave feeling proud of the sauce stock we’ve amounted for the coming year.

I took the opportunity to film Sugo Day 2016 for my very first vlog. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into one of my family’s traditions. Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite fall tradition is!

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