While catching up with one of my friends over tea a few weeks ago, we found ourselves chatting about Chef’s Plate. I had only seen it pop up on my social feeds, while she had just received her first meals and began raving about what she had cooked up. So I had to find out more!

What was Chef’s Plate? As my friend explained, Chef’s Plate is a service in which you choose from a preset week of meals, then choose a delivery date, and voila – food delivered straight to your door! But here’s where my friend sold me – every item required to make the dish you choose is pre-measured, so even a novice chef, like myself, can prepare gourmet meals with ease.

Each meal serves 2 people (or 2 plates) and the referral code allowed me to choose 2 meals for FREE, so I went for the Chicken Kiev and Gluten-Free Pasta with Fresh Ricotta (more on that one later). The refrigerated box arrived at my door 6 days after placing my order, and I was ready to get cooking!


Along with the recipe contents comes a handy instruction card that gives you each step required to prepare your dish, along with some helpful little pictures that show you what each step should look like.




Aside from making my evening meals a breeze to whip up, having everything pre-portioned really cuts down on unwanted food waste. Everything you purchase will be used up! And as an added surprise when I opened up my package, I discovered that the chicken was locally sourced. In my efforts to eat smarter and be more conscious of my eating habit’s effects on the planet, this made me very happy to see.


My masterpiece not only looked fabulous (if I do say so myself), but tasted fabulous, too! My fella and I both gobbled up every last bite and enjoyed having the extra time together that would normally be taken up by tedious meal prep.

If you want to try Chefs Plate for FREE, click here and redeem 2 FREE MEALS for yourself!


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