Don’t adjust your computer screens! Yes, I am posting a Subscription Sunday on a Monday but hey – that’s just how things go around here. I’m a scheduling rebel!

Last month I shared a new subscription box called Tokyo Treat that was filled with tasty snacks and surprises from Japan. To my delight, I soon discovered that Tokyo Treat had a kawaii cousin named Yume Twins; a pretty purple box filled with Japanese toys and goodies. I should preface this excitement by sharing that I have always had a love for cutesy and girly things. Fast forward to this year when I started watching fellow YouTubers, Simon & Martina, and my love of kawaii things, grew to a new level. After my brother brought back some capsule toys from Japan in the spring, I knew I had to find a way to get my hands on more, and Yume Twins was the perfect find.

“Yume kawaii is a new kawaii movement that is a mixture of cuteness and fairy tales with a touch of darkness! Yume itself means ‘dream’, so not only does Yume Kawaii center around cute styles, but it also has a magical dreamy feel to it. This trend is now such a significant part of Japanese culture and focuses on the concept of all cute dreamy things that make the heart flutter.”

The theme for my first Yume Twins box was “Loveable Animals” and everything inside was themed with an adorable animal character, from Pompompurin to Neko Astume kitties. I was especially thrilled to get not one, but two Gudetema themed items – my favourite Sanrio character (sorry, Hello Kitty). Box #1 and I am already so pleased with this subscription. I can’t wait to see what next month brings!






If you want to sign up for your own Yume Twins box, visit Not sure if this subscription is for you? Stay tuned to see what I get next month!