Spark Sessions was started from a desire to “create a space where like-minded bloggers and influencers could get together for a weekend of learning, networking, and fun.” The theme of this year’s workshop was “Beyond The Blog – An Outlook On Social Influence”, and was full of inspiring influencers from across the social map.

The conference has been on my radar for quite some time, so I was thrilled that I was going to be able to attend this year. One of the universal themes from every speaker’s presentation at the workshop was positive encouragement. It’s all about showing your fellow influencers some love! Leaving a comment on their blog…giving them a ❤ on Instagram…retweeting something they’ve posted…you get the idea.

Although I am new to the game of personal blogging (I blog a lot for work), I’ve been on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for a while now. Most of my interactions on these platforms have been pure randomness, but after this workshop, I am beyond excited about what my future on social media looks like.

If you are a blogger in the fashion or beauty industry, or just a new blogger looking for some advice on how to make a splash in this social world, be sure to check out the next Spark Sessions. Until then, I thought I’d open up this post as a place to show some love and encouragement. Feel free to share your blog or social handles in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check you out!

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