As my subscription obsession has grown significantly since starting this blog, I’ve decided to dedicate Sundays to sharing my various boxes and bags of goodies, while keeping the other days set aside for whatever else sparks my interest. Enter: Subscription Sundays (I know, I know…not the most inventive of names, but it does the trick)!

I have become somewhat of a snack box junkie. These parcels are a fun way to experience new cultures and try things you may never have tried unless you were in that country. A friend of mine saw that I had started to explore the world of online snacks, and recommended a new subscription called TokyoTreat. Similar to Japan Crate which I received for the first time last month, TokyoTreat delivers premium Japanese snacks and candies right to your door. The theme for this month’s box  was Tropical Fruits, and the box came filled with 11 fun and fruity snacks. I went with the regular sized box, but you can also choose from a smaller and larger option, depending on your budget. In my box was: Torotto, Mugipon Puffs, Watermelon Gummies, Calbee Wasabi Potato Chips (SO GOOD!!), Pretz, Dodotto Tsubupyon DIY Kit, 7 Stick, Pachi Pachi Panic, Monaka, Watermelon Chewing Gum, and Chocbi. Not only was everything yummy, but I ended up saving money by switching to this new subscription. Unlike Japan Crate, Tokyo Treat offers free shipping worldwide and took the same amount of time to arrive – cue the happy dancing!

If you want to sign up for your own TokyoTreat box, visit Not sure if this subscription is for you? Stay tuned to see what I get next month!






My fascination with subscription boxes started well over a year ago, when fellow blogger babe (and long-time friend), Cobwebs & Pearls, and I discovered that you could get yummy treats delivered to our doors. With credit cards in hand, we entered the wildly addictive world of subscription boxes. We’ve since ditched our first subscription, found some favourites that we subscribe to faithfully, and are having fun trying out even more new goodies.

My latest discovery, Japan Crate, is a delightful red box made to “share the fun and unique experience of Japanese culture through candy”, and it definitely delivered! In my crate was: A Maruta Mini Bottle, SakuSaku Panda Anniversary Chocolate Torte Cookies, Morokashi Wa Taro Doubanjiang Flavor, Takaoka Choco Flakes, Yaokin Cocobis Biscuits, Animal Kid Biscuits, Yokai Watch Jelly Drink DIY, Milk Flavored Chocolate, Paicro Sugar & Butter Flavour, and Sumiyaki Coffee Candy. With the exception of a few items, everything was yummy and super cute!






Although I would love to renew my subscription, the cost of shipping was over half the cost of the box, making the entire thing less appealing (I would rather put that $15 shipping charge towards a larger subscription box that includes shipping). But that didn’t stop me from enjoying July’s goodies. To see the full reveal of all this month’s Japanese snacks, be sure to watch my unboxing video below!