Another month has come to an end, but with much excitement. Why, you ask? IT’S OFFICIALLY FALL! This is by far my favourite time of the year. As much as I enjoyed the summer, I’m ready for the cooler weather and all the wonderful things it brings – the leaves changing colours, fall fairs, and Halloween.

This month brought with it the return of my favourite Starbucks drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, some much needed time for some apartment décor projects, and one last summer inspired style shoot. Here’s to spooky October and another memorable month for all of you lovely Peaches, too!


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In my early twenties, I worked part-time at Penningtons, one of the few Canadian retail clothing stores that carried 14+. If I wanted to find trendy, age appropriate pieces for my wardrobe, I would look to the company’s MXM brand (who remembers MXM?!); it was limited, but I always tried to make it work. Fast forward ten years – I’m now in my early thirties, MXM is no more, and the options for trendy, plus size fashion are seemingly endless (this deserves a happy dance).

On the journey to a more stylish wardrobe, I’ve come across some wonderful local shops. Topping my list of favourites is Your Big Sister’s Closet. If you live in Toronto and have yet to stop by this boutique, you must get your fashion-loving butt over there asap! Shop owner, Karen, will make you feel like a million bucks, at a price that won’t break the bank! During my recent visit, I fell in love with a beautiful black and white knit poncho. I saw it in the window display as I drove by en-route to finding my parking space, and knew I had to try it on as soon as I stepped inside. So I did. And it was every bit as wonderful as I had imagined it would be! There was no doubt that this piece would make its blog debut along with me in my first ever fashion photo shoot. I’ve styled the poncho in three different ways to showcase its versatility for the fall; from casual to night on the town. Which look is your favourite?

Shop Look 1:  Jacket: Reitman’s Plus Size Faux Leather Jacket (similar) / Skirt: Reitman’s Denim Skirt / Boots: Addition Elle High Heel Boot (similar) / Addition Elle Opaque Stretchy Tight / Earrings: Ardene

Shop Look 2: Leggings: Addition Elle Cotton Spandex Legging / Shoes: Ardene White Leather Pointy Flats / Ring: Ardene  / Bracelets: Addition Elle / Sunglasses: Avon

Shop Look 3: Pants: Torrid (similar) / Jacket: Old Navy Peacoat (similar) / Shoes: Attitude


I love being able to cook a good meal for my friends and family, but a domestic goddess I am not. Sure, the end result may look and taste good, but watching me get there can (at times) be equated to watching a train wreck. Baking is even worse; I would classify that activity as a natural disaster.  So when I’m asked to bring along a dessert to a holiday function, I look for something easy, something foolproof. Enter: BuzzFeed Food.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, a video for 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Pie Roll-Ups caught my eye. Pumpkin? Heck yes! 3-Ingredient? Ohhh heck yes! This was the recipe for me! With a few extra items in my grocery bag, I came home and made these beauties for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m happy to report that not only were they as easy and delicious as they advertised, I left my kitchen with a smile – something I (and I’m sure, the fella) am very thankful for. Here’s how it’s done:


  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Pumpkin pie mix
  • Marshmallows
  • Cinnamon (I added this as a 4th ingredient)

pumpkin pie marshmallows cinnamon dessert

Step 1: Lay out one triangle of crescent roll dough. Add a spoonful of pumpkin pie mix. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a marshmallow (or two). I used Jet Puffed Pumpkin Spice Mallows for some extra pumpkin love.

pumpkin pie marshmallow dessert

Step 2: Roll up all the pumpkin-y goodness. Place on greased baking sheet.

pumpkin pie cinnamon dessert marshmallow

Step 3: Bake at 350°C for 17-19 minutes or until golden brown. I dusted them with powdered sugar for some extra sweetness.

pumpkin pie dessert cinnamon marshmallow ice cream

I’ve included the video below so you can see this recipe in action. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving, my Canadian lovelies!