With an interest in natural health and beauty products on the rise, it’s no surprise that room diffusers and essential oils have become very popular as of late. I had been toying with the idea buying a diffuser for my home, and once my best friend raved about hers and how great her room smelled, I stopped hesitating, headed over to Amazon, and grabbed one for myself (okay okay, I grabbed two!). I did quite a bit of research on what diffuser unit would work best for me and my room sizes, and from there I narrowed it down by price and aesthetic. To accompany my diffuser, I also searched Amazon for the perfect essential oil starter set – I knew I wanted a set that included lavender to help with restful sleep, and orange/citrus because it’s one of my favourite scents. Oh, and it couldn’t contain tea tree oil – my arch enemy of essential oils (yes, I’m being a bit dramatic, but it’s one of my least favourite scents…ever). Surprisingly, it was difficult to find a set that met my criteria, until I finally I stumbled on one from a company called Spruse Essentials.

Not only did this starter set come with the scents I was searching for, but the products are Canadian made by a family run company, cruelty-free, 100% all natural, and reasonably priced at under $30.00CDN. Supporting Canadian made products is something I value, so I instantly knew I’d be adding their Essential Oils Starter Kit to my shopping cart.

The starter kit comes in a sleek, black box with six 10ml bottles of oil in lavender, mandarin, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus. Lavender has definitely been my go-to when it’s time to unwind at night, but thanks to the paring suggestion card that came with the oils, I have discovered a favourite new daytime combo: peppermint and mandarin – the perfect pick-me-up! For a newbie essential oil user like myself, I loved that the owners of Spruse had taken the time to help guide me through using their scents and how to get the most out of their product. After professing my love for my new oils on Spruse Essential’s Instagram page, Desmond and Celeste, the lovely owners of the company, reached out to me via email and offered to give away one of their starter kits to a lucky reader. I jumped at the opportunity to share their fantastic oils with you, my lovely peaches. If you’d like to win this set for yourself, head over to my Instagram page now for full contest details. Or if you want to grab a Starter Kit for yourself now, you can use code ROCKFORD to get 10% off here, until the end of April.







After living in my apartment for about 3 weeks now, I finally hung some art on my wall (sound the trumpets!). But don’t get too excited. It was my go-to Eiffel Tower poster that automatically gets placed on the largest wall, and I only hung it because they are doing regular pest control treatments in our building and it had to be off of the floor. Glamourous, I know.

But if you live or have ever lived in apartment, you’ll understand how big of a pain it can be to decorate walls. The thick concrete requires you to have the strength of a mythical Norse God to simply hammer in one nail. So I rely on my go-to pieces as easy, effortless ways to spruce up the joint. There is only one problem – each new apartment I move into ends up looking just like the last. In hopes of remedying this, I’ve done some serious Pinterest hunting to find some fresh ideas. Enter: washi tape! It seems as though this magical tape can make anything look beautiful, so I’ll be off to the craft store this weekend to stock up. Not sure what colours I’ll be choosing just yet, but here are some of my favourite ideas that mayyy make their way into my apartment.

Washi Tape Wall Decals via Everything Emily
I feel it doesn’t get any easier than what you see above. ‘Nuff said.

Washi Tape Picture Frames via Design Sponge
I love this idea for a feature or themed image wall that you can change out with every season. Go from a Halloween to Christmas wall in minutes, with little to no fuss.

Washi Tape Door Delight via HGTV
Doors always seem to be forgotten when it comes to decorating your space, but they really are just an extension of your wall. Experimenting with your door is a great way to determine what colour combinations you like before committing to the time and effort of decorating a larger space. Bonus points for the Led Zeppelin poster!

Washi Wall via Ann Kelle
Feeling brave and adventurous? Why not washi an entire wall?! Wait, did I just say ‘washi an entire wall’? It seems easy enough, but I imagine that if I tried this as my first project, it may end up looking like it was completed at the hands of a drunk person. Perhaps starting on a smaller portion of wall in, let’s say, my bathroom would be a wise choice.

Washi Tape Furniture Revamp via Brit + Co
I threw this idea into the mix, even though it’s not a wall treatment. With most of my mix-and-match furniture on a “need to repaint” list, I can swap the paint brush for washi tape and coordinate my pieces with ease.

Which idea would you try? For more washi tape ideas for your small (or large) space, check out my Apartment Living board on Pinterest.